Successful interior design combines solid design principles with the particular spirit, style, and needs of each client. We work with you to create a home that is warm and inviting, distinctive in design, and—above all—faithful to your unique personality.

Standard Services


Madeline works with you to articulate your design style and offers immediate suggestions. This one-time visit can be followed by provision of a furniture placement plan, color palette and fabric suggestions.

Interior Design

Using a full array of sources and specialized craftspeople, Madeline brings your vision to life. She takes an inventory of existing furnishings and works with you to develop final floorplans and color palette. With this in hand, Madeline supervises interior painting and sees you through the purchasing, decision and installation process of new furnishings.

Full Service Renovation and Interior Design

With your design style and needs always in mind, Madeline collaborates from the earliest stages with architects, kitchen/bath designers and contractors to coordinate a seamless project from start to finish. Interior Design services complete the project.

Specialized Services

Moving Consultation

For the client who needs help tackling the move to a new home while assuring that the look of the new home and new purchases conform to solid design principles, this package includes: 

  • Inventory and catalogue of existing furnishings
  • Floorplan and color palette options
  • Recommendations on new furnishings